Malaria effects everyone even a star like George Clooney. From one malaria survivor to the next, I honor George Clooney for his long legacy of activism in Sudan, Africa.  He has seen their courage and experienced their hardship firsthand. George Clooney survived malaria following his recent visit to Sudan. Nearly 3,000 children a day wish they could say the same. Clooney brings attention to a valid point in the discussion of malaria.“With the proper medication even the most lethal condition in Africa can be reduced to a bad ten days instead of a death sentence, ” Clooney says.

Time Magazine’s story:

Malaria is a disease that is relatively unknown to most Americans but to the people of Africa it is a daily nightmare. It kills a child every 45 seconds in sub-Saharan Africa.

     Malaika’s take:

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Clooney answered a commonly asked question regarding humanitarian efforts in Africa. When asked why should we (Americans) care about Africa when we have our own problems, Clooney eloquently responded that we have invested years in Sudan. The same applies for malaria. Malaria was a devastating disease in America until 1950. Over the years, we have invested billions to eradicate it from other areas in the world. Malaria accounts for 30% of health expenditure in sub-Saharan Africa. As a result African communities are kept in continual poverty but our investments are working. Malaria cases have dropped over 10%.  As Clooney stated malaria can be treated with proper medication and the medicine is feasible, roughly the price of a martini. And lastly, Clooney commented on the critics by stating rather than sit on the sidelines and complain… why not do something positive for the sake of humanity? I couldn’t agree more.