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Documentary Opens in New York City on World Malaria Day, April 25 and Los Angeles on May 2, Before Expanding to Additional Markets

March 10, 2014, NEW YORK – TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN director Sylvia Caminer and film subject Kristen Kenney today announced the launch of the “Buy a Movie Ticket, Save a Life” campaign. Through a partnership with international NGO Malaria No More, proceeds from TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN ticket sales will be used to provide critical lifesaving treatment for African children suffering from malaria. TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN opens in New York City on World Malaria Day, April 25 and Los Angeles on May 2, before platforming to additional markets.

A feature documentary directed by Emmy Award-winner Sylvia Caminer (An Affair of the Heart, Great Hotels), TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN documents the journey of two unlikely friends, Kristen Kenney, a privileged young American woman, and Venance Ndibalema, a young Tanzanian scientist/philosopher, as they travel across Tanzania. Kristen’s trip, and particularly a near fatal bout with malaria there, inspired her to create Malaika For Life, a business which sells bracelets made by Tanzanian women. Proceeds for each bracelet sold are used to provide life-saving treatment for one African suffering from malaria – hence their slogan “Buy a Bracelet, Save a Life”. To date, Malaika For Life has saved over 22,000 lives and has the support of celebrities including Mandy Moore and NBA star Metta World Peace.

“Kristen’s altruistic activities on behalf of the Tanzanian people she befriended as a tourist in Africa through her resourceful campaign is remarkable,” commented Caminer. “Malaria is a completely treatable disease and we hope that Buy a Ticket Save a Life will have the same kind of impact and pave the way for more life-saving treatment and testing,” Caminer concluded.

The “Buy a Movie Ticket, Save a Life” campaign seeks to build on the success of Malaika for Life’s “Buy a Bracelet, Save a Life” initiative. Proceeds for each individual ticket sold will be used to purchase and administer Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (or ACT), the best known cure for malaria, and Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) which are revolutionizing the way malaria is diagnosed. For every movie ticket purchased, one child will receive this life saving treatment and diagnostic.

World Malaria Day was established and approved at the 60th World Health Assembly (WHA) in March 2007. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of malaria as a disease that is preventable and treatable and to mobilize communities across the world to get involved in the fight against it.

Due to the efforts of groups like Malaria No More and Malaika for Life, the rate of childhood malaria deaths has decreased 51% since 2000. However, the disease claims over 400,000 lives annually (90% of those in Africa) and tragically, a child dies of malaria every 60 seconds. These numbers are extremely alarming given that malaria is both treatable and preventable.

For more information on TANZANIA: A JOURNEY WITHIN please visit: http://tanzaniathemovie.com.

For more information on Malaika for Life, please visit: http://malaikaforlife.org

For more information on Malaria No More, please visit: http://www.malarianomore.org/