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Malaika *Muh-Like-Uh* means Angel in Africa. We are a network of angels fighting to save lives from malaria. Our slogan makes donating simple and tangible: “Buy a Bracelet. Save a Life.” Founded in 2009 by malaria survivor Kristen Kenney and her best friend, Anna Wascher. Thanks to our angels, we have provided malaria medicine to over 40-thousand people in Tanzania, Africa.

[title]How it All Began[/title][row class=”row-fluid”]

TANZANIA, AFRICA – In 2009, I found myself in a life or death situation with a severe case of malaria.I had traveled by bus for six hours to the closest health facility. Two clinics turned me down before I found a hospital that would give me the lifesaving malaria medicine. I was fighting time. Malaria is a life-threatening disease that is transferred by mosquitoes. It is responsible for killing a child every minute in Africa. I was taking the preventative medicine on my 2 month trip to Tanzania, but skipped a dose. That one dose nearly cost my life. $7-dollars later, I was ok – a price many in Africa cannot afford. Realizing this, I made it my mission to fight back to ensure no child dies from a mosquito bite. – Kristen Kenney (founder)




[title]Buy a bracelet. Save a Life.[/title][row]

With every bracelet purchase, you are saving a child’s life from malaria AND providing a source of income for a mother in Tanzania, who handcrafted your beautiful beaded bracelet. To date, we have purchased over 40,000 bracelets from women in Arusha, Tanzania, and we have purchased malaria medicine to treat over 40-thousand people in Tanzania.

[title]Buying A Bracelet Provides Jobs For Mothers in Tanzania[/title][row]

Our “save a life” bracelets are handmade by a women’s group in Arusha, Tanzania called Tupendane – which means ‘let’s love one another. This group consists of widows and mothers and provides them with micro-financing and income generating opportunities. Mama Frida has been a part of Tupendane and the Malaika bracelet making program since it first began in 2010, when she relied on this program as her sole source of income and could not afford to buy any materials on her own. Today, she buys the beads, the string and any other materials she needs for her business, all on her own. Through this micro-financing program, she has saved her earnings and expanded her business. This has allowed Mama Frida to send her two kids to college!

Women Bracelet Making

[title]Malaria Is Africa’s Biggest Killer Disease [/title][row]

Every minute a child dies from malaria. That’s about 600-800,000 a year. Malaria costs Tanzania 240 million dollars a year in lost productivity. That means parents are not able to work and kids are not able to go to school. Malaria is entirely treatable and preventable, but lack of access to affordable medicines is a big contributor to needless deaths caused by malaria.  Mama Koku keeps her family alive on a $1 a day budget. When malaria struck her twins, she was turned away from one hospital because they didn’t have the medicine. She walked 5 hours to the next hospital with her babies on her back. By the time she arrived, her baby boy died. Her baby girl (right) received lifesaving treatment, and survived. We know the malaria situation is complex, but we pride ourselves on remaining grassroots and true to our mission to deliver lifesaving malaria treatment. We do that by working with a handful of volunteers on the ground in Africa through Hope Through Opportunity. Father Aloyce (right) is our angel on the ground, responsible for overseeing 42 clinics and 14 hospitals



[title]Where We Are Today [/title][row] Thanks to your support, malaria cases have dropped 70% in our target area of Moshi, Tanzania! We have purchased over 40,000 bracelets from women in Arusha, Tanzania, providing them with a source of income. And we have purchased malaria medicine to save over 40,000 lives.

Malaika For Life operates as a Non-Profit Corporation IRC 501(c) (3) under Hope Through Opportunity, a California non-profit whose mission is to bring education, healthcare and self-sufficiency to the people in Africa in order to help them create and sustain a better future.

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